• Filled Pasta
    All our filled pasta is made from Italian flour, durum, semolina and Italian eggs. All fillings are prepared on site without artificial colours and preservatives. All our ingredients are sourced from BRC or equivalent accredited suppliers.
  • Unfilled Pasta
    We supply fresh egg spaghetti, made with semolina. egg and water. Callibrated to your own specific thickness and supplied fresh in 1kg trays for foodservice customers or larger 7kg bags for manufacturers.
  • Noodle products
    All our noodles are produced on-site and are made with the highest quality flour, produced to your own requirements, including length, width and depth. All products are free from artificial colours, preservatives and with no E numbers
  • Cooked Dried Pasta
    We can cook any type of dried pasta, long or short and also noodles. We are also able to cook and freeze filled pasta, all to your preferred cooking times. Our cooked pasta is suitable for salads, ready-meals and is also suitable for retorting.


We are specialists in the pasta manufacturing industry, giving a bespoke service to customers of any size. Pastaficio's commitment and passion for fine food is demonstrated through the use of high quality ingredients, consistently delivering to our customer's specifications, without compromise. Many of our products can be found within brand leaders, major retailers, national restaurant chains and brewery groups.


The key to our growing success is having a team dedicated to ensuring that we continually produce the highest quality of pasta and noodles. This is highlighted by the fact that we exclusively use Italian flour and eggs to produce our pasta and the finest wheat flour for our noodles.


Our customers seek a clean defined recipe, with a point of difference. We help achieve that goal by working with NPD teams, discussing requirements and assessing options at the outset of the project. The results our development chefs help to achieve are outstanding. This is proven by our continuous successes and loyal relationships we have with our customers.





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